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A Bit About Us

LONGEVITY PILATES studio & cross-training of Fountain Inn, SC functions as a multipurpose studio to improve and enhance body mechanics and performance. 

  As a fitness professional for over 30+ years, Amy Freytag is a certified teacher of Balanced Body University. Pilates is a neuromuscular movement that can send deep tissue ‘messages’ to improve movement to people with nerve damage, including diabetic nerve issues.

She works with many clients who previously or currently have knee/hip replacement, MS, broken bones, shoulder injuries,  hernia and Post Natal injuries. Amy is also  an athletic cross-trainer and works with golfers, tennis players, runners, equestrians, and every day people to improve the quality of their lives.

Longevity is now celebrating 4 years being in business and being associated with Balanced Body Pilates.

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